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“EZ Picket” is a top quality horse picket line for the trail riding and endurance riding enthusiast. Whether you are trail riding for the day or camping with your equine friend, ensure a safe tethering system for your horses with an “E-Z Picket” Kit.

Pricing:  $55.00 plus S&H

Now Available in Black and Orange

Contact Info: E-Mail: ezpicket@sbcglobal.net   New Phone 810-519-8065

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E-Z Picket Specifications


This kit includes:

*   50’ heavy duty 1” polyester webbing with 4,000 lb. wire hook and d-ring

*  3,300 lb. ratchet with 4’ fixed end with 4,000 lb. wire hook and d-ring

*  2 adjustable “O” rings

*  Assembly Instructions



E-Z Picket Advantages over Conventional picket line kits

Unlike conventional picket line kits with ropes, E-Z Picket picket lines utilize a high quality polyester webbing and high strength ratcheting system that eliminates your picketing problems. 


E-Z Picket picket lines will not sag.  Horses can safely lie down and graze without pulling the line down or requiring re-tightening of the line.  E-Z Picket maintains tension until you are ready to take it down.  There is no need to worry about waking up to find an injured horse with rope burns from a sagging line. The kit comes complete with two adjustable “O” rings to secure up to two horses.


Park Service Rangers prefer our design over standard ropes as the webbing does not cause tree damage.  Many parks require tree savers for rope lines – with E-Z Picket there is no need for tree savers.


E-Z Picket is a “knot-free” system.  E-Z Picket is easy to put up, installing in less than 2 minutes.  With no knots to worry about, it is just as quick to take down!


E-Z Picket is a high quality picket system at a low price! 

E-Z Picket Setup

Simply wrap the 4’ fixed end of the picket line around a tree or post and insert the wire hook through the sliding D-ring.  Wrap the adjustable end around another tree or post and insert the wire hook through the D-ring.  Pull the excess webbing through the ratchet assembly and ratchet the line tight.

How to Order E-Z Picket

To place an order, simply contact us at ezpicket@sbcglobal.net or call us at (810) 519-8065.


You can have your own E-Z Picket picket line for $55.00 plus shipping.  Payment in the form of a check or money order is required when you place your order.  Orders are filled and mailed within 3 business days. We now accept payment via Paypal. I can email you an invoice and you can pay through Paypal


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About Us

As avid trail riders ourselves, we created E-Z Picket after a frustrating attempt to find a picket line that was safe for our horses, easy to put up and reliable.  We know first hand the importance of ensuring a safe environment for your horse, the peace of mind in knowing that your horse is securely picketed over night or for extended periods of time, and the relief of being able to quickly put up a line for your equine friend after a long day on the trail.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  We will happily answer your questions. 


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Contact Information – We are now located in Fenton, Michigan

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(810) 519-8065


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Last revised: Decmber 13, 2017